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Welcome to the ultimate haven for passionate and likeminded Richmond Tigers AFL enthusiasts – introducing RTSSG Gold. We take pride in inviting you to embark on an exclusive journey into the heart and soul of your favorite team.

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As a member you'll be granted unparalleled access to a treasure trove of premium content, cherished memorabilia, and insider information that will fuel your Tiger spirit like never before. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Richmond Tigers history, tears and triumphs, as we bring you closer to the action and camaraderie that define the essence of this incredible team.  Join us now to  connect with fellow devotees, and revel in the extraordinary world of RTSSG Gold!"

Join us now to  connect with fellow devotees, and revel in the extraordinary world of RTSSG Gold!
  • A new world of fan engagement with a constant supply of fresh, entertaining, and easy to navigate content; and 365 days a year, there is always something new to discover.

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Look what you get when you subscribe to RTSSG Gold

  • The best articles and videos from around the internet including exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes video content with live streams and user-generated videos from media subscriber outlets


  • Original commentary on the latest trends and issues, breaking the mould of traditional fan engagement through comprehensive, exclusive alerts and email newsletter delivered straight to your inbox for easy access and only accessible through subscribing


  • With a unique twist that makes it interesting and fun to read, you get exclusive, cutting-edge information that you won't find anywhere else and all whilst you are entertained and educated at the same time as we skip the noise and get straight to the good stuff.


  • And that’s just the beginning!

Rave Reviews for RTSSG Gold!

The benefits of an online member community like RTSSG GOLD are endless – peer-to-peer connection, access to experts, exclusive resources, and many more along with virtual and actual member engagement. RTSSG GOLD is an all in one convenient and safe place with a community where you can engage and maximise your Yellow & Black passion from day one. 

RTSSG GOLD is a destination members’ can return to again and again to find the connections you crave, as well as resources, event information, webinars, access to subject matter expertise, and more including...

More Member Inclusions

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  • All-access to

  • All-access to RTSSG email alerts

  • All access to RTSSG FB Page and social media

  • All-access to RTSSG’s whispers and rumour file.

  • Free access to Zoom weekly panels.

  • Free entry to fortnightly & monthly members draws

  • Member Discounts on all RTSSG products.

  • Priority access to the RTSSG Virtual RFC museum

  • Priority access to the RTSSG online quizzes

  • Member discounts on History and trivia nights

  • Priority access to away game functions

  • Early bird notice on all RTSSG events

  • Priority & guaranteed seating at all RTSSG events

  • Exclusive access to RTSSG interactive videos

  • Priority access to Tigers of Old interviews and panels

  • Early bird notice on all events not hosted by RTSSG GOLD

  • All access to RTSSG GOLD to member directories

  • All access to RTSSG GOLD Online discussion forums

  • Exclusive access to Pete's Ponderings

  • One FREE pass to’s end of season function

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Members’ Draw


First Prize: Fiona Ashton
2nd Prize: Denise Nicholls
3rd Prize: Rhonda Heffernan
Winners of the draw held 15 October 2023


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Peter Arthur, founder of RTSSG
Peter Arthur signature

Hi, I'm Peter Arthur founder of the RTSSG.


At the end of the current 2023 season, we will now be exclusive to our new platform here on RTSSG GOLD, and I am using it to change the way I do social media now to make it more enjoyable, informative, and intriguing. The shackles are off, no topic or issue is off limits.

RTSSG GOLD will give you the inside scoop on everything Yellow and Black more than we have ever done in RTSSG in the past.

Now I am going to a new level to engage with those that really get it. When you subscribe to RTSSG GOLD, you will not only get the stuff I put on RTSSG, but you will also get the stuff I can’t, wont or is inappropriate for RTSSG as we currently are and more, much more!

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Peter's Ponderings

Pete’s Ponderings

It's Rough. It's Ready. It's Richmond!

Get direct access to Peter's inner-most thoughts!

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Our newsletter gives you a taste of the exclusive yellow and black content that our members love – absolutely free and with no obligations. Experience the excitement of Tiger pride with no strings attached before you jump into the most extensive yellow and black community ever!

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Become a
Ticket Superhero

It happens to all of us - you bought your tickets and you're really looking forward to the game, but now, there's been an emergency and you can't go. 

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No point crying about it!
Make someone else's day instead!

Be a Ticket Hero for this week's game

Thanks for volunteering to become an RTSSG Ticket Hero. We will get back to you shortly to make arrangements.

It's heartbreaking to have to miss a game, but you can still spread some Tiger love and gift your ticket to someone else. We have a list of people who would desperately love to go to a game, but just can't afford a ticket right now. Please note. No money changes hands for anything. You donate your ticket and we give it away for FREE and make somebody's day for them! Please consider being a ticket hero to someone in need.

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