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Karen Wickham
I absolutely love this Tiger group. Am very proud to call myself a dedicated member. A huge thank you to Peter and other organisers, they do an amazing job keeping us all up to date with everything that's happening around the club. GO TIGES

Julie Tierney
Love this group and reading all the comments. I feel like part of the Tiger family

Susan Maree
The RTSSG is a very well-run site that keeps me up to date with my much-loved club. It is extremely refreshing to have a site where the standards are high therefore making it a child-friendly site.

Kate Bowman
Fabulous group. Very informative and great for tiger diehards. Many discussion topics, plus many stories on past and present players.

Cathy Murrell
This group provides us with information and updates, all accurate and relevant to all these dedicated Richmond supporters. We feel valued here and we love being part of a like-minded group. Only respectful comments and content allowed which I love!! Go Tiges

Peter Stewart
Connectedness with my Club and the insights on club matters, players, round by round details, what THE members think, those passionate and can offer opinions and analysis often beyond my ability.... We are stronger from the sum of the parts. #gotiges. RTSSG is a fantastic group that mixes the informative and the fun. Just what a supporter’s group should be.

Janine Davidson
I really enjoy reading the articles/comments on this site particularly during the non-football months. It makes me feel connected to the club/players during footy's downtime. The site is one of inclusion & respect. Very rarely are their negative comments & if there are they are very quickly & appropriately dealt with. Love this club & players.

Irene Phillips

Being a Richmond Football Club member, living in Adelaide, I find the RTSSG the best place to catch up on what's happening with my beloved Tigers. The site is well run, informative, the latest news from Richmond and the Administrators has a 'No-Nonsense ‘approach to would-be trolls. Family friendly and professional. Thank you RTSSG.

Karen Carroll
RTSSG is a great forum for passionate supporters to reach an extra level of connectedness to the Club. I live in Perth - and get to Melbourne for as many games as I can - but when I can only catch matches on the TV, it’s great to log in and read. Great news source for the club and always good for a laugh!

Paul Frederickson
I wish I’d found this group earlier. It is an example of the ‘family’ that we are as Richmond supporters. I’ve had a terrible 18 months and members of this group have helped ease the pain. This group sums up the fact that a team is a club, a club is a family!

Mick Reid
An amazing group of people who share the same passion with the utmost respect to all others the information we receive is unbelievable and allows us to be close to an amazing football club with incredible people involved this group means the world to me because of the passion we all share but more importantly how we share it with respect. Love reading everyone's opinions and comments. Great being part of this group.

Deb Young
RTSSG is the go-to page for me. I love my club and this group gives me a real sense of belonging to something that shares our passion & group. It means you have a bigger connection with our beloved Tigers. Love the RTSSG. Real supporters who are passionate about the greatest club in the world.

Ben Sandman
Living in New South Wales, AFL news is pretty light-on in mainstream media. Along with FOX Footy and Richmond FC communications, this group is great for keeping up to date with everything Tigers!

Kim Winnell
Find this group part of my up-to-date information from informal to formal. Great source of enjoyment and connectivity to other fans.

Scott Rebecca
The RTSSG is a great forum that allows Tiger members and supporters to express their opinions and thoughts without being ridiculed by "the haters". This is because everyone here is the same at heart. Not everyone agrees but that doesn't matter.

Mark Rossiter
RTSSG is there to support tigers in their time of need and also to provide a platform to bask in glory. I don’t put any faith in football rumours until I confirm them on RTSSG due to the number of credible sources attached to the group with access to the inner sanctum. Keep up the great work

Craig Ellwood
The site has great information and is regularly mentioned in our daily conversations. No bagging just a really good supporters’ group

Terry Layton
The group a must for any lifelong tiger supporters young or old everything is positive AFL RFC jump on board. Awesome group run by awesome people

Ingrid Elke Dewar
I love this group. It is great to be able to vent any problems and get unbiased comments. Have been following the Tigers for 54 years and really appreciate getting the latest news about my beloved Tigers!

Stephen Mccole
Living in the country it’s hard to be fully involved. This sight makes you feel like you are part of the Tiger family.

Darryl Hanel
I love it, so glad I was invited in, and it’s great to see the comments of other people. The informative posts such as birthdays, milestone the countdown to round 1 among many others are terrific,

Deb Hogarth-McGill
Living in QLD is my best source of ins & outs, injuries, events etc, that may be occurring all thanks to the RTSSG pages. Also, it makes it easier if you wish to find an answer for most things you have the opportunity to ask and receive a sensible no judgmental answer as we all know QLD don’t support the AFL much, so it allows die hard supporters to stay on top of things in an anti AFL state.

Georgia Smith
Living overseas away from my beloved Melbourne, mcg and tigers, this group keeps me feeling involved and up to date. Love ‘em

Anthony Brophy
The RTSSG is the one page I read regularly. It provides me with updated information on Richmond FC more so than any other page. It is timely, professional, relevant, meaningful, considered and provides quality. GR8 page for a GR8 Club. Interesting and varied info that is serious, fun, and also insightful. Keep up the GR8 page

Matteo Marinacci
Positivity and respect reign supreme here. It is enforced with vigor and long may it continue. Great group to follow which is well moderated. Content always interesting and good to read

Alison Bailey
I enjoy being a member of this group very much. The members are friendly and don't make nasty comments like some groups. The topics discussed are very interesting.

Grant Breed
You can get a respected spin on the weeks results and keep up with the tiger family news and information love it

Danny Heylbut
As a tiger supporter this page gives me everything I need, from exclusive information to relaxed conversation about our great club.

Pete McMahon
My 'go to' page for Tiger news and information.

Graeme Armstrong
I like it as I find out what is happening and is not on Richmond football club site and the closeness with players and no negative comments all love for YELLOW & BLACK

John Seaver
Great to be able to share our thoughts of what our great club and teams are doing and keeping it family sensitive.

Prue Angove
The RTSSG has been amazing. I’ve only been a part of it for a year or two, but the level of knowledge and true admiration of the Richmond football club is astounding. The standards of no bully or bad-mouthing players/the team is something the admins should be proud of.

Darren Croker
What makes this group unique and so special is there’s no floaters posting negativity just trying to cause a stir. Only true Tiger loving fans allowed, it keeps me up to date with all the latest Tiger related news, I love it.

Enzo Ciuffetelli
A great platform to keep up with news and events revoling around the greatest football club in Australia GO TIGERS

Shane Kavanagh
This is a great site for us passionate Tiges supporters. Intelligent topics and get insight on all the goss. Love it!

Christopher Wilkinson
I believe this is one of the better fan sites on Facebook, I am a member of several and this group which I am proud to be involved in. This fan page doesn't seem to tolerate swearing and abuse of other members and players from Richmond.

Graeme Blackham
The moderators do an excellent job in giving the member's content that surpasses any other AFL forum also exclusive events memorabilia past players it has it all.

Jess PM
This page is 100% about mutually supporting the RFC. The thing I love most is the all-round approach to it, with both current day players being highlighted and historical tiger stories being discussed. All the members are incredibly polite, and we are all here for the same thing. This is one of the only pure pages on Facebook and I love this forum!

Roger Boland
This group is excellent & a cut above other groups for its comments & level of discussion from its members on our great club. It’s great to be a part of it with other passionate Tigers

Rita Adams
This site is really important to me. It keeps me up to date with things that are going on at the club and players, and also reminds me of the great times we have had belonging to the club. I wish Peter good luck over this next year. Go Tiges.

Jill Muir
Win or lose, this group conducts itself with enthusiasm and grace. We were a bit quiet after the prelim. but bounced back. Being a Tiger supporter is a way of life and I'm not quite sure how I'd survive the summer without checking into RTSSG


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