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The Tigers Almanac 2019 is a game by game account of the Tiges brilliant premiership season – with some new sections as well. It starts with Tiger writers convinced that the Richmond FC will make up for the ‘shock loss’ to Collingwood in the Preliminary Final in 2018 (“the one that got away”). Things take a few nasty turns. And then the team fights back, builds momentum, gets on a roll, and dominates the finals, before smashing a worn-out GWS side in the Grand Final.


Here’s some of the pieces in The Tigers Almanac 2019.


Cover art by Kate Birrell (designed by John Kingsmill).
John ‘Mr Wrap’ Mosig reviews the Richmond season as only Mr Wrap can (cocky bugger he is).
Cheryl Critchley gives some historical perspective to the Premiership.
Australian conductor Ben Northey (nephew of ‘Swoooper’) on being a Tigers fan (nice socks – and baton).
A delightful essay about Marlion Pickett from Jack Banister.
Tess Pryor profiles the Vic Market’s biggest Tigers fan and his family passions.
Kerrie Gardner on how her dear old (Struggletown) Mum handled the Grand Final.
Carlton fan George Grossek explains his respect for Kane Lambert.
Rulebook Ashwood profiles Neil Balme.
A salute to the 2019 season from Matt Quartermine.
A Grand Final Rap (yes, in Rap style) from Vanessa Fox and her young daughter Ruby.


Reports for every 2019 match from our squad of writers.


Reflections on the Finals and, especially, the Grand Final and the 2019 Premiership from:

Matt Zurbo, John Green, Joe De Petro (from a wedding in Rome), Haiku Bob Scott (in haiku), Brock Bastian (first time at a Grand Final), and others.


The Tigers Almanac 2019, an account of the Tiges 2019 premiership season, is written in a warm and conversational style by fans from all walks of life, it includes observation, reflection, memoir and (free-spirited, no-rules) match reports.

Edited by John Harms and Mandy Johnson

2019 Tigers Almanac

  • Flat delivery fee of $15 anywhere in Australia

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