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What RTSSG Members Say About RTSSG.

Joshua Ackehurst


My number one trusted supporter based Richmond page, level headed and professional. It's a safe space where like minded Richmond supporters can converse and communicate in and also share their own voices.

Naomi O'Connor


This supporter group is the ONLY one I’ve seen that is completely child friendly. No swearing or inappropriate comments (racist/sexist etc.) are tolerated, therefore making it a safe and inclusive zone for every Tiger supporter on here.

Agata Moscatiello


Fantastic forum where we can voice our opinions about our club be it positive or negative, and knowing that most times others agree with me. Also that we are all Richmond Tiger supporters with (hopefully) no outsiders. Roar Tigers

Dion Olszewski


A wonderful site for up to date Richmond news and in depth discussions with fellow supporters about all things Richmond. I thoroughly enjoy posting and reading other peoples opinions on the various issues that concern Richmond. Such as form, players and game style.

Bob Monk


Excellent medium for all kinds of information on the Mighty Tigers. We are all Richmond supporters and our passion shows through the many, mostly positive comments on site. Go Tigers.

Judy Atu


I absolutely love this group, as I live in Queensland, this group is my go to for all things positive about our fabulous Club. I am a Gold RFC member & FTF which I have contributed too from the beginning, I always check the RFC emails & Facebook messages, but the RTSSG givesall photos stories about the players. Love it

Le Anne


Love this forum! Being in Queensland, RTSSG keeps me informed of all that is happening at an insiders and personal level that I cannot get anywhere else. Love my Tigers and love this group.

Maz OConnor


Great way to keep in touch about the past, present and future of the almighty RFC. I now live in Qld and AFL/RFC is not top of the news in the sport dept.

Brewser Rombo


Being a member of several afl groups, I have found that RTSSG to be the best by far... They uphold professional standards through monitoring and filtering comments, they give great insight into the RFC and keeps members well informed with news.

Laurice Hughes


Being a member of the RTSSG is a positive and real Insight to the RFC , They uphold the professional standards with filtering and monitoring of comments throughout the RTSSG Community our members are well informed about the players current and explayers and the Administration do a outstanding job , l am proudto be a member of the RTSSG

Carmie Arcaro Kinsey


I’ve loved being a member of RTSSG from Day 1! You won’t get a harder working admin than Peter & his team! This group has something for everyone - serious issues - up to the minute info on all aspects of our wonderful Richmond players, matches.

Thomas Rice-Finlayson


As a tiger fan isolated deep in 'rugby league territory' this page provides an outlet for informed discussion about the club i love.

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