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Professional Framing

At RTSSG we are proud to partner with Fantastic Framing and bring to our members professional framing for their memorabilia.

So, what happens when we receive your prized possession? Our number one priority is you and your precious memento from that wonderful time in your life! We understand the anxiety that people feel

Whether it’s a print, poster, jersey, canvas or memorabilia, you can be safe and comfortable knowing we use a carefully constructed framing system to ensure that you receive your piece in a way that you value and look upon with pride for

We make the entire process simple and easy for you, without you ever having to leave your own home! At RTSSG Framing, you can come to us or we can just as easily visit you! Either way.

Our delivery is totally free!

Each and every order is processed and delivered through a step-by-step basis. Our process is designed to offer you complete assurance. With everything from framing, handling and delivery all included.

How does our process work?

So, you’ve placed an order with RTSSG Framing, but what happens next?

To make your life easier, we have broken down all aspects of our process into a simple and straightforward step-by-step guide.

1. The first step surrounds the point at which we receive the item.

From there, we carefully open and inspect checking for any damage or irregularities in the artwork/poster. If we detect an issue, we will contact you directly and provide multiple options to fix or repair your item, with all maintenance work handled with the utmost care. Some of the posters, for instance, may need to be flattened for at least one night before framing. This is just one way we work to help you maximise your brand new prized possession.

2. Once we confirm and make sure that the item is in pristine condition, we measure it.

As all of our frames are custom made specifically for you, we do not attempt to cut corners and utlisise pre made frames. Instead, Fantastic Framing custom match each brand-new frame to perfectly fit the unique size of each artwork.Perfect and precise measurements not only work visually, but also ensure the lifespan of your artwork for many years to come.

3. With the artwork size now determined, the next step involves cutting a frame, a glass matboard and a backing board.

We use different machines for each one, ensuring each artwork if fitted with a custom frame to match, maximising the visual and physical quality of your item.The frame is shaped and cut with a special designed saw for picture framing, the glass is cut by the glass cutter and finally, the matboards and backing are cut using a computerised matboards cutting machine specifically designed for cutting these materials providing a clean and perfect size cut every time.Adding a custom frame, glass matboard and backing board not only works visually but guarantees the quality of your print for countless years to come. Our millimetre perfect and meticulous management safeguards you from any of the commonly made DIY mistakes.

4. When everything is cut and ready, we now begin the artistic stage of framing:

This stage will primarily involve assembling and gluing everything together (when required). A crucial step, this ensures that all parts line up and fit in perfect harmony.In order to connect the frames, we use an underpinner, a device that connects the corners into a perfect and well fitted form. The reason behind this is to make sure that there are no opened cracks or marks appearing around it. It is absolutely essential to perform this close inspection to remove and act upon any potential issues, before everything is joined together.Then, when the frame is ready, we add in the glass, (our staff will have to air swipe and clean it). Essentially, this means that we double check the area to ensure a pristine and spotless result.

5. Now that the glass is added, our next step is to install the poster/photos/print with the matboard.

Each window in the matboard is cut perfectly in line by the machine. During this crucial procedure our staff make sure that the photo or poster are sitting in a line with the window, fitted and not crooked. This course of action is essential, ensuring that your print or artwork is straight and properly aligned.

6. With the frame, glass and matboards fitted, step 6 involves putting each aspect together in one.

Before this takes place, we perform a final clean and an inspection of the artwork and the glass area. Essentially, we will check for any marks, hairs or dust inside the glass (where it typically shows up) and then remove anything detected, so that when you ultimately receive it, your treasured item is immaculately clean.In order to achieve this perfect and pristine result for you, we carefully check the glass at least 2 to 3 times. Once we are certain the artwork is clean, we close and seal it up. Using a special pin gun, we place a tape on top of the staples to make it both clear and dust free, ensuring once again, that your item arrives in pristine condition.

7. The next stage includes the installation of the artwork’s wiring/hanging system.

The specific system added will depend on the size and weight of the artwork. Depending on our measurements, we may use an elastic string, a metal cable, D rings or other suitable mechanism, whichever system suits your artwork best. Our staff will happily provide advice of the best options available so that it lasts a lifetime!


8. The Final step of our RTSSG Framing service is to clean the glass exterior, attach cardboard corners and wrap it all around the frame.

We use these techniques to ensure that your valuable finished picture frame won’t accumulate dust and will avoid touching or rubbing against anything as we deliver it to your door.

The last feature of our service is to ship or deliver your item personally.

If you are in one of our service areas, one of our staff will deliver personally to your door. If you live in the country or in one of the small cities we don’t have a workshop in, then don’t worry, we’ll send it with TNT.Please note: As we can’t guarantee that the TNT shipping process will be gentle, we will only use 3mm thick Perspex instead of glass to orders of anyone residing outside our primary areas of service (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland). Perspex is a flexible transparent material that looks like glass with the added benefits that its shutter resistant and light weight compare to glass.


Whilst we offer a range of solutions for your image the best solution in our expert opinion for your memorabilia is Perspex rather than Glass. The reason for this is that it is lightweight – putting less pressure on your wall, it is see through – this means that the your piece will show its natural colors without interuption and it is shatter resistant – meaning your piece will last for years to come even if you move as it is easire to transport.


Put in the height and width of your image in millimeters and get a quote now and even pay for it online. If you have any questions please contact us and we will help you out.

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