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From the brush of acclaimed AFL artist, Jamie Cooper comes this powerful portrait of one of Richmond FC’s greatest leaders of men. Jamie Cooper has been commissioned to celebrate, once in a generation Richmond Man and future immortal, Trent Cotchin.


RTSSG has assisted with the formation and feedback to Jamie as he brought Trent to life on canvas, and we were there all the way from before brush hit canvas, to its magnificent completion and we had front row seats to an image and a painting that will without question, enter tiger immortality.

As Jack Dyer is to his iconic pose, this will be Trent Cotchin’s.

The painting depicts a young Trent in a pose that defines him as a player. A true on field leader and loyal son to the Richmond Football Club,


Young and Old Trent


Young Trent can be seen in the semi darkness of the background, picking himself up off the ground and looking forward to all that awaits him…IF… he can keep the faith, keep learning, keep growing. Older Trent in the foreground is in a spotlight, representing the heights he has reached.

Jamie has woven together a significant on-field moment with philosophies that have helped Trent become the man he is today and with his appreciation and until sold out we are pleased to offer this very rare and iconic piece of Tigerland history.


” Trent Cotchin tribute by Jamie Cooper”


  • By owning this superb piece, you receive a Limited-Edition Framed Lithograph produced from the original oil painting which will be approximately 105cm x 80cm and finished with a black matte board and quality black timber frame with gold fillet.
  • As an added bonus, embedded into the stunning frame is an original paintbrush that Jamie used in his magnificent oil painting of Trent.
  • Each premium print is individually numbered and is unique in that it contains Trent’s personal game statistics plus the round and opposition of his premium games.
  • Each premium print will be personally hand signed by the artist and Trent Cotchin


Trent Cotchin Tribute by Jamie Cooper

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