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Riewoldt & Rance Mark Knight


IT may have been a long time between premierships for Richmond but Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight is equally excited to have drawn the premier for the first time.  The iconic premiership poster was the brainchild of cartoonist William Ellis Green — aka WEG — and first appeared after Footscray’s 1954 victory. Knight took over drawing them in 2009 after WEG’s death, and the premiership poster remains the only one officially endorsed by the AFL. “I wanted the Tiger to not only look powerful, but I wanted it to look excited and a little bit like Richmond saying ‘we’re here, we can’t believe it — wow I’m in the Grand Final’. “And the Tiger is doing the ‘Don’t Argue’ hand out as homage to Dusty (Martin).


This magnificent piece is complimented by the pictures of Alex Rance and Jack Riewoldt at the moment of elation. Added to this they are personally signed by the two bookends and finished off with a gold plaque depicting the game.


This is a must have piece for any serious tiger and limited to only 4 pieces

Riewoldt & Rance Mark Knight

$795.00 Regular Price
$595.00Sale Price
  • Our quality framing means that you are ensuring that your limited edition will remain valuable for years to come - quality framing means that acid free framing materials have been used, along with UV Protective glass to the front of the display - to minimise the fading of your item.

  •  1030mm x 690mm

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