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Welcome to P’A’s Stuff

After eight fantastic years and counting, I’ve enjoyed bringing my thoughts, insights, and opinions on all things Yellow and Black to you, and I just wanted to say thank you, and the reason we have got to where we are is because of you, and it really is humbling the support you have shown, and I am truly grateful for everything… And because of you…


It’s time to really put RTSSG to the test!

So whether you know me from RTSSG or you are FB friend of mine then you know already what I do, the things I like to talk about and even question, as well as the odd piece that drives you nuts! But in the end, I am hoping enough of you out there might think that with what we have done and brought you over the years and the manner in which we have brought it, then you just might back me as we take on the new world of fan engagement.

But now I am going to a new level to engage with those that really get it. When you subscribe to RTSSG Premium, you will not only get the stuff I put on the internet BUT you will also get the stuff I can’t, wont or is inappropriate for our PG platforms.


What is P.A’s Stuff?

PA’s Stuff goes beyond the normal stuff, its where I delve in deeper on absolutely anything I get my hands on that I know you will love! P. A’s Stuff is an exclusive email newsletter that delivers the latest news and insights straight to your inbox… But with my unique twist on it!

Please note: 80% of P.A’s Stuff will only be seen and accessed through the updates I instantly send to RTSSG Premium subscribers only and not through any other social media platform. This is an exclusive email for the select few where you can choose the frequency and urgency of delivery, so you miss absolutely nothing!

Whether you're interested in getting the early running on everything including events; insights, rumours, hot topics, fiery opinions, and discussions or just want to be ahead of the curve, P.A.'s Stuff is for you!

The shackles are off, no topic or issue is off limits here. Get the inside scoop on everything Yellow and Black with P.A.'s Stuff. I will drive you crazy at times, but you sure don’t want to miss out!

So if you have gone this far with me, then how about getting behind our new venture, and subscribing to!


You are in for adventure!!!

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Welcome to RTSSG

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