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My Hell week after the ’18 Prelim.

Okay it’s just on two weeks since Preliminary final night saw us all struck down with anguish, pain and disbelief as we lost our way and were beaten by the enemy form the other side of Victoria Street.

 How did that happen? That wasn’t supposed to happen? Why did it happen?
Oh the horror! How we will deal with this? We aren’t equipped for this
type of ravaging pain are we? So how do we handle life from here?
How do we do Grand Final week now? Only one thing to do….Total

First thing… No footy shows! No twitter; No Facebook; No SEN; No
nothing that would expose me to the thought of us handing the dirty
rotten magpies a flag! Stay in the safety of the faithful in the RTSSG
group as there would be 15,000 people just like me to seek comfort in I

So the longest week of my life began; Ive never gotten more chores
done around the house in any other week of my life as I sought refuge
in anything that would take my mind off the impending doom. I
couldn’t run away from my thoughts though as I kept drifting off to
thoughts of this time last year and the euphoria that we experienced
but then BANG!!!! I realised what I was missing this year… Devastation
racks my entire body once again….

But Grand Final day loomed and a decision whether to watch or not
had to be made…. Ok… I will take my medicine and watch and pray for
a miracle. That the Dirty Rotten Magpies dint win and make the next
yer for me completely unbearable!

Grand final morning was spent in the garden planting new herbs and
tomatoes and basically burying my head in the proverbial sand but 2:30
drew closer and it was time to settle in front of the telly.

The ball is bounced and I start to sweat, panic and hyperventilate as the
dirty rotten magpies kicked the first, then the second; then the third; I
start swearing at their fourth and I begin to accept the inevitability of a
magpies flag as they bang through their fifth. Two late first quarter
goals to the eagles only served to tease the result.

For the next two quarters I’m totally engrossed in the game urging the
Eagles to take flight and sink the boot into them!

Last quarter and the scores are level and my next 12 months of
emotional stability and wellbeing is hanging on 30 minutes of football!
Collingwood get the first two goals of the final quarter and their fans
are starting back slap one another and get their gold jackets out.

The game goes on and West Coast hang in there and look like they
could pull off a miracle but will their bad kicking cost them? So now we
are down to the last couple of minutes and history now tells us that
everything that could have gone right for West Coast did go right and
the Eagles pull off a remarkable victory and in the process lift a black
cloud from above my shoulders that had been there all week! Oh the

So call me petty or small minded, I don’t care but I reveled in
Collingwood’s loss but more from the point of thankfully not having to
hear them gloat all year! I was happy for the first time in a week.
But as the next week has unfurled, my breathing returned to normal;
my anxiety levels fell and the night sweats began to subside the media immediately turned its attention to the various machinations of trade week and it was like last Saturday never happened because in Victoria, the celebrating of West Coast as premiers is totally negligible as various local teams licked their wounds as thoughts of what could have been
consumed one and all.

My only thoughts of compassion were for those passionate Tiger
supporters who live in Western Australia and to my own safety as I
head to my wife’s home state for Christmas. I’m beginning to regret the
Tiger strut I put on for them all last year as I will cop it back in spades
this year for sure!

But each day this week it was easier than previous to deal with than the
last and the thoughts of our wonderful achievements of the last two
years and the upbeat look on the horizon has slowly returned a smile to
my face as I dust myself off and my roar returns.

I’m still not completely over our missed opportunity for back to back
flags but like you dear reader we will be better; we will be stronger and
we will be bolder as we charge toward the off season and 2019.
How are you feeling now?

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