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Time to check your Roar meter

There is a form of beauty in a successful, proud club that sometimes smells like arrogance. At Richmond we breed solid confidence. Confidence that the players bled for the yellow and black and that’s all that mattered.

In life you must believe in more than words or hope, you must believe in action. Action for your club, for your mates, for your supporters. There is no tomorrow for Richmond… is only now. Richmond, the club, is made in the image of Jack Dyer, tough, passionate and unforgiving.

Right now, too many supporters are not roaring, they are only whimpering! What? 3 out of 4not enough flags not enough brownie points for some? Too many are scared of failure, loss or impending doom and are being brought down by the snickers, the jokes and the torment of those not of the faith!

We had the media, the footy world, injuries, issues and all kinds of stuff try to derail us so far, so a number have said… Ive got three recently so I will put my roar away as I get fat and lazy. Their Roar has whimpered.

Not good enough. The team needs us right now!

This season has been tough I grant you with our challenges but together we have come out with our head held high as we stand unswerving against the rest of the football world, and they have not now and nor will they break us.

All this has done is to bond the Yellow and Black Army even more tightly and in the process strengthen our resolve to come out in the second half of the season roaring!

So Roar Tiger! Roar Loud! Be confident! Be passionate! But most of all… Embrace your Tiger spirit and heart to grit your teeth; roll up your sleeve, be strong and be bold and get on with the job of supporting our great team in any weather!

This is our time and we will do it together!

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Posted by Roary

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