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We’re Tigers! We Roar! It’s what we do!

I love the roar of our supporters! I love the roar of our Brilliant Cheer squad and what comes with it… The shivers up the spine…

 The euphoric feeling it gives you and the confident strut you have as your opposition friends rage with jealousy and anger as they pray for your demise just to name a few things!The spirit and images of Jack Dyer; Tommy Hafey; Royce Hart; Graeme Richmond; Dustin Martin Alex Rance flood through me any time I speak and roar about my beloved Tigers!

Roaring comes in many forms… The memorabilia you have in your house for all to see; the community work your footy team does… The other Tigers that you have met on your journey who are now family; The color of your clothes you wear with pride; your years of membership of the club; your recollections of Tigers past and present and their magnificent deeds and even the conversations you have with… well… anyone really!

But most of all… Roaring is best when it’s about our passionate predictions, whether it be on the result of who we are about to play; who will win an award or even dare I say it the premiership! We are Tigers; we roar… It’s what we do!

However (And this is where I will get into my usual dose of trouble!) a certain section of supporters, don’t see it like I do… They will use terms like… “Keep a lid on it’; “one week at a time”; “don’t jinx us”; “Stop the hype” and “don’t get ahead of yourself” etc. etc.… which I can respect but I simply don’t get!

If you have a choice to support your side, then why not do it loud and proud, rather than quietly and softly?! The RTSSG is roaring! If I say, “the tigers are red hot for the flag this year”, (That’s every year I say that!) the superstitious faction of supporters will automatically come back with.. “”Don’t put the mozzie on us” and if we lose it is somehow my fault for my passionate predictions!

These are the same supporters after we won the flag this season were very quiet towards me!!!Even on this medium of social media, if we get too excited with our predictions a certain section will howl me down if I dare say the Tigers are ripe for the flag (which they are by the way!) because apparently if I do act like that it will have a direct impact on the players and there will be some magical evil spirit that will descend down upon us to totally give the opposite result! Give me break!

So with the growing confidence and results associated with the Tigers over the last few years, it is going to be one heck of a ride for the next ten years at least I reckon and I will be roaring all the way! If you want to go about it quietly and suspiciously then you go for it. But for us who want to roar, then I respectfully ask you to not tell us how we wish to barrack for the mighty tigers…

In my opinion the Tigers are flag favourites for 2021 and I expect we will be raising the cup on the last Saturday in September next year!

You barrack how you want to… The RTSSG will do the same but remember.. We are Tigers… We Roar… Its what we do! Go Tigers and see you at the footy in 2021!

As for 2021, I only have one thing to say… We Got This!!

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Posted by Roary

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