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Howzat!!! Tigers!

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I’m looking at Rod Marsh in this 1977 photo and thinking he might be whispering to Dennis Lillee: “How much did Bondy say he’d pay us to wear these silly lace-up jumpers?’’ A newspaper report from the time reveals that the pair actually had a bit of kick to kick at Punt Rd Oval on the rest day of the Centenary Test, with Marsh due to resume the next day on 95 not out. When one journalist suggested the key pair were risking injury, Marsh growled back: “You could get hit by a car crossing the street.

’’Richmond seemed to have pulled off the “recruiting coup” of the season back then! The Tigers have signed two new men from Western Australia. Dennis “Tiger” Lillee, 27, a tall, well-built full-forward, with a terrifying turn of pace. Rod Marsh, 29, a solid defender who never misses a mark and can kick with either boot. Lillee and Marsh had a testing workout with Richmond coach Barry Richardson at the Punt Rd oval.

The Tiger recruits, of course, are fast bowler Lillee and wicketkeeper Marsh, two of Australia’s Centenary Test heroes. “Barry (Richardson) is the Australian XI’s physiotherapist,” said Lillee. “He’s been working on Rod and me for years. We’re dedicated Tiger supporters by now.” “Richmond offered us honorary memberships,” said Marsh. “They gave us guernseys, ties, shorts and a football. “The least we could do was say thanks – and have a good workout on our rest day from the cricket.”

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